Business Litigation

Business litigation involves disputes arising out of commercial and business relationships, such as business claims against another company, governmental entity, or individuals. The issues are often very complex, which require a thorough understanding of the client’s specific business and the law in general.

Since lawsuits are public records, we pay careful attention to preventing and addressing potential public relations issues. Preserving a company’s reputation is critical as lawsuits can damage them, cause financial harm by decreasing sales and overall profitability due to legal expenses. Effectively handling a dispute from its inception is critical to a company’s conservation.

Some of the issues we address include:

  • Contract litigation
  • Business dispute cases
  • Disputes among owners
  • Misrepresentations, whether fraudulent or negligent
  • Breaches of shareholders, partners or members rights
  • Violation of shareholder, partnership or limited company contracts
  • Employment issues (including terminations and public policy violations)
  • Failure to comply with Buy-sell or Cross-purchase agreements
  • Disputes related to sales and transfers of company interests
  • Third-party claims including from competitors and adversaries
  • Disputes about liquidation and dissolution of companies
  • Disputes about the financial condition and activities of a company
  • Employee versus Independent Contractor issues
  • General claims arising from situations not anticipated by a company or its principals